Barbara Goldberg & Associates: Evaluation Services

Program evaluation supports an organization as it strives for excellence in realizing its mission.  Evaluations can be formative, offering feedback during the development or early implementation of your program, or summative, providing objective analysis about the results of your project, program or organization.

Solid evaluations help organizational leaders gauge the effectiveness of the approach and activities they use to meet the needs of their clients, members, or participants.  Evaluation can provide these benefits:

  • critical information to guide operational decision-making;
  • transparency to funders, stakeholders, and constituents;
  • opportunities to strengthen programs and to share successes; and
  • proof of impact to all constituents.

While the scope and strategies we use will depend on the requirements of your project, any evaluation demands a rigorous, systematic approach to inquiry.



"As a consultant to nonprofit organizations, I recommend Barbara Goldberg & Associates to my clients who are beginning a serious effort at program evaluation. I've watched Barbara set the staff at ease as she engaged every individual staff member in the planning, helping them own the program in order to ensure its success. I have no doubt that the proposal she wrote so one client could obtain a 3-year grant to embark on program evaluation was a key factor in their securing that grant."
Susan Detwiler, The Detwiler Group

What's in a Name?

Several evaluation components have multiple names that mean the same thing.

Formative evaluation is also called process or implementation evaluation.

Summative evaluation is often referred to as outcome or impact evaluation.


There is a wealth of resources that discusses and guides program evaluation. Here are few:

Centers for Disease Control and Preven-tion - Developing an Effective Evaluation Plan: Setting the course for effective program evaluation

Innovation Network - The State of Evaluation 2012