Barbara Goldberg & Associates: Reporting

During the evaluation planning phase, Barbara Goldberg & Associates works with clients to develop a reporting schedule that meets their accountability needs. We are very cognizant of the importance of timely reporting to internal and external sources. We also will take a lead or collaborative role in developing reports, depending on your needs.

In addition to formal or required reports, at scheduled intervals Barbara Goldberg & Associates will provide progress updates that allow the leadership team and staff to fine-tune the project.  These may take the form of:

  • written reports;
  • formal and informal presentations to leadership and staff;
  • workshops; and
  • retreats.

We adjust written and oral presentations to address the interests of different audiences and work to promote dialogue among stakeholders. teen service participant

Every project receives a formal final report. The final report presents project results for use by all constituencies including executives, staff, board, participants, and funders. It documents how fully the program has met its objectives and the impact it has had on participant lives.  Equally, our reports examine the ways the program has developed the staff and expanded the organization’s capacity to face future service challenges.  The report crystallizes what the organization has learned through the program and documents the journey participants and communities have made along the way. Finally, it offers recommendations for next steps.

To review samples of evaluation reports, presentations and other targeted messages, click here to go to our Publications page.

"Not only is Barbara incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in evaluation, her spirit and writing style is second to none. "
Mary Jo Meyers, Deputy Director, Wraparound Milwaukee