Laura Siitari, Graphic Designer

Rekha ShuklaLaura Siitari’s background includes both a fine arts and graphic design education, with each informing the other. She enjoys the challenge of using color, balance, typography and images to present each and every project in its best light, from a simple business card to a many-faceted print campaign.    

Laura’s freelance clients have ranged from large financial institutions to many non-profit agencies and small businesses. She has a strong print production background that ensures no surprises on press (or to the budget). Laura has collaborated with Barbara Goldberg & Associates for more than 20 years.


“I’m always honored to be part of any Barbara Goldberg & Associates project. Barbara and her associates do such an amazing job of research, planning, education and evaluation on such worthy community projects. As a member of the team, I want to present their work in an attractive, clear format that will do it justice.”
Laura Siitari, Graphic Design and Illustration. Siitari By Design,