Barbara Goldberg & Associates: Implementation

The implementation phase of a program evaluation is critical to establishing the protocols and procedures that will ultimately assure that the study can accurately assess the impact of services. During this phase Barbara Goldberg & Associates pays particular attention to ongoing training and individual coaching needs. We also focus on establishing lines of communication to create an environment of trust so that problems are brought forward and solved quickly.Barbara Goldberg observes experiement

Throughout the program evaluation implementation, Barbara Goldberg & Associates offers insights and honest feedback based on evaluation results and our experience with similar projects.  We help leadership and staff address emerging issues well out of the spotlight. 

We furnish regular updates in person and in reports.  We view each program holistically and discuss successes and failures with staff in an objective, supportive fashion -- no pronouncements.  We help leadership and staff carry out our recommendations with a view toward evolving program excellence.  We believe that both people and organizations learn enormously from their setbacks and that growth will surely ensue from collaborative, positive problem-solving.

"Barbara took the anxiety and confusion out of evaluation. She brought genuine understanding and increased my comfort and confidence in the evaluation process. Barbara's warmth, analytical mind and collaborative approach helped create a design that brought us a wealth of useful information. During the evaluation process, Barbara carefully and respectfully engaged each staff person. Barbara's dynamic approach to evaluation allowed staff to receive regular feedback that was very useful in our efforts to improve and enhance our programming. It was clear from the start that Barbara cared about developing an evaluation that would help our program be effective."
Tracy Raasch Ensum, MSW, LCSW, Community Health Specialist, Lake County Health Department