Barbara Goldberg & Associates: Evaluation Goals

Barbara Goldberg & Associates understands that setting clear evaluation goals is essential to a successful evaluation process. Organizations have many tools to assess their functioning, but goal-setting for evaluation is the time to identify specific expectations for and definitions of success.

Evaluation goals may be multi-level and address:

  • community and environmental reasons for conducting an evaluation;
  • organizational interests in evaluation; and
  • program level expectations for specific service outcomes.

We can help you to parse out these different yet inter-related goals so that they provide the necessary guidance for developing the critical evaluation questions that will form the core of your evaluation plan.

"Strategic planning, development assessments, and feasibility studies all help you think critically about your organizational goals, but how will you know if you are successful? Identifying clear measures of your program's success and incorporating them into strong goal statements forms the foundation for meaningful evaluation."
Barbara Goldberg, Principal Consultant, Barbara Goldberg & Associates