Barbara Goldberg & Associates: Disseminating Results

Based on our commitment to bringing best practices to the field, Barbara Goldberg & Associates want to help you disseminate your results. We help our clients with dissemination of results by:

  • creating professional, well-written and attractive reports;

  • presenting or co-presenting findings to organizational governance and leadership as well as program participants, their families and key community stakeholders;

  • presenting or co-presenting at local, regional and national trainings, workshops and conferences; and

  • collaborating to prepare manuscripts for submission to peer reviewed journals

The benefits of disseminating your findings are numerous.

conference presentation
  • You receive recognition for your work both internally and in the community.

  • Your program participants know that they receive high quality services.

  • The work you have done may inform and improve services provided by others, or may lead to full replication.

  • Building a reputation as a leader in the field will support you in fundraising activities and securing grants.
"Another wonderful outcome of working with Barbara Goldberg & Associates was seeing our teens learn about evaluation as a profession and as a necessary tool for communicating success and gaining funding for the programs that they loved. One of the many delights in working with teens was their constant questioning of what we are doing and why. They demanded excellence from us because they were now personally invested in the delivery of the best programming. They took responsibility for their role in program delivery and shared the pride in success."
Marty Kerrigan, retired Associate Director, Rosalie Manor Community and Family Services