Barbara Golderber observes students boy in class 6th grade science group hands working on science project MHS science class experiement teen and group facilitator

Barbara Goldberg & Associates, LLC Consultants

At Barbara Goldberg & Associates, all consultants are seasoned in a comprehensive range of evaluation methodologies.  We work as a team.  Each consultant has strong experience in program delivery and management. The consulting team brings diverse backgrounds and an impressive roster of specialties.  Before committing to a project, we take care to match consultants' skills and research interests and experience to your program to assure the best fit to yield maximum productivity.

Over the years, we have worked in a vast array of organizational settings, from emerging nonprofits to community-based health programs to complex multi-campus projects.  Our depth and breadth of experience, nationally and internationally, enable us to tailor evaluations to your unique program requirements, be they small or large scale. 

Our consultants apply impressive professional and personal skills to all projects and interactions.  We bring exceptional listening skills, so we can respond directly to your concerns.  We are objective and leave all preconceptions behind.  We work effectively with people at all organizational levels.  Above all, we are honest, offer great insight, and adhere to the highest ethical standards.
"I have never worked with a woman whose values so closely parallel the spirit of the project she was being asked to evaluate. Barbara is kind, patient, and understands all that it takes to make a project successful. She knows how to bring out the best in the people she is working with. She is by far the best evaluator I have ever had the privilege to work with."
Mary Jo Meyers, Deputy Director, Wraparound Milwaukee