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Barbara Goldberg & Associates: Current Clients and Project Summaries*

Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition
DBCC raises awareness of breast health issues through outreach, education and support services throughout the State of Delaware, in order to facilitate the early detection and treatment of breast cancer. Barbara Goldberg & Associates recently began a three-year outcome evaluation of the Coalition’s efforts that seeks to inform the organization’s program management, disseminate results, provide the framework to replicate the program model in other communities, and, at the end of the third year, transfer responsibility for evaluation to the DBCC.
“In a very short amount of time Barbara Goldberg has been able to bring into focus our many programs and how inter-dependent they are. As we move forward on a three-year evaluation project, we have already seen a benefit from looking at our organization in a more holistic fashion. Barbara and her team bring a wealth of experience but also have a tremendous amount of respect for the knowledge and experience the staff bring to the project.”
Vicky Tosh-Morelli, Director of Information Services, Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition |
Greater Texas Foundation (GTF)
GTF initiated a scholarship program - the GTF Scholars Program - for graduates of Texas Early College High Schools (ECHS) to increase the number of graduates from these schools who successfully transition to and complete a baccalaureate degree. The ECHS initiative began in 2002, compressing the time it takes to complete a high school diploma and the first two years of college in a rigorous program allowing high school students to complete coursework at partner community colleges. The GTF Scholars Program will reach approximately 725 students with scholarships and non-financial support to jumpstart a student’s ECHS degree from a four-year institution and beyond. Barbara Goldberg & Associates, in collaboration with Stezala Consulting, LLC, is engaged in a seven-year formative and outcome evaluation of the scholarship initiative.
"Barbara and her team at Barbara Goldberg & Associates, LLC, in partnership with Kim Stezala, are providing a seven-year evaluation of the foundation's sole scholarship program, GTF Scholars. The evaluators were selected through a competitive process for their ability to provide a comprehensive evaluation at a very competitive cost. More importantly, though, was the clear "mission alignment" with the foundation and Barbara and Kim — the shared desire to continuously and strategically improve student outcomes based on empirical evidence and real outcomes. We are currently in the second year of the program, and the evaluation team consistently provides a thorough and extremely thoughtful approach to all aspects of the evaluation. They have been flexible in adapting their work to meet the needs of the program, which includes students at five Texas universities."
Leslie Gurrola, Strategy Manager, Greater Texas Foundation |

"Barbara Goldberg & Associates are valued partners who have the expertise and stamina to deliver on complex evaluation projects. Each person operates with the highest level of integrity and commitment no matter how large or small the task."
Kimberly Stezala, President, Stezala Consulting, LLC
Pathways to College
Pathways to College is a program designed to help lower-income, first generation college prospects with the potential to succeed in college. The program includes a pre-college component, designed to work with students from sixth grade through high school, fostering their belief that college is a realistic option, and to support students by providing them with relevant skills and knowledge. Pathways to College also has a strong parent component. Barbara Goldberg & Associates has completed a five-year evaluation of the program and is now focused on educational outcomes as participants are enrolled in high school and seeking to enter college.
"I would attribute a lot of our success to the sometimes brutally honest feedback that we get from Barbara and her team that pushes us to improve and, ultimately, be the best at what we do. This would include everything from our customized curriculum to personnel and overall programing. Barbara and her team have a tremendous history and experience in our field. She shares this history so that we are able to capitalize on how and what we do that makes us unique as well as continue to improve based on their evaluation."
Milton Cockroft, Executive Director, Pathways to College, Inc. |
University of Wisconsin-Madison Odyssey Project
The University of Wisconsin-Madison Odyssey Project provides a free and transformative college humanities class to adult students facing economic barriers to postsecondary education, helping students overcome obstacles to reach their educational goals. Led by Emily Auerbach and a team of other award-winning University of Wisconsin - Madison faculty, the program has nearly 300 graduates after 10 years of operation. Odyssey is a recent recipient of the Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation's College Ready grant, and Barbara Goldberg & Associates will evaluate the one year grant, which provides additional career and college readiness support, as well as tutoring, to student participants.
"We needed an objective system for evaluating our college access program for low-income adults. Barbara Goldberg & Associates came to the rescue! The team readily understood our program, our values, and our students. They are highly professional and competent. Barbara Goldberg & Associates consultants operate in a timely manner and are responsive to our requests. They have decades of experience in program evaluation and made us feel that we couldn’t be in better hands. I am impressed by their emphasis on building our staff’s capacity in evaluation so we can continue to improve our program beyond their involvement."
Laurie S. Z. Greenberg, UW Odyssey Project |
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Community Outreach and Education Core (COEC) Center
COEC seeks to improve the health and well-being of children in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The specific aims of the Center are to engage community residents in children’s environmental health initiatives that strive to make Milwaukee a healthy, sustainable city and to increase knowledge and understanding of children’s environmental health among community residents and leaders including teachers, policy-makers and other stakeholders. Barbara Goldberg & Associates is engaged in a quantitative and qualitative evaluation that draws upon COEC’s logic model and that engages community members and other stakeholders to determine the program’s impact.
"Barbara and Rekha carefully listened to what we do, as well as asked for examples of some of what we have produced (e.g., PowerPoints, brochures). They put together a logic model and 'guiding principles,' which serve as the blueprint for my evaluation plan. We're submitting our Center's renewal grant application soon. I feel very confident that our evaluation plan is first rate! And, we have very stiff competition."
Jeanne Hewitt, Director, Community Outreach and Education Core Center |
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee WI Inquiry-based Scientist-Teacher Education Partnership Program (WiNSTEP/SEPA)
SEPA provides high school science students with multiple, integrated opportunities to conduct inquiry-based experiments that link biological concepts with environmental health issues.  The project utilizes modules that teach students about the zebrafish, fathead minnow and earthworm and tie their experiences to environmental factors. The project combines teacher professional development and student science experiences that reinforce student learning and are based on National Science Education Standards. Barbara Goldberg & Associates is engaged in a long term formative and outcome evaluation to demonstrate the extent the program has the desired impacts on teachers, students, and their schools.
"Barbara Goldberg and Associates have been exceptional to work with and they are an integral part of our team. They have created unique strategies that have provided us with a comprehensive approach to effectively evaluate our educational program."
The SEPA Team: Craig Berg, David Petering and Renee Hesselbach |

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