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About Barbara Goldberg & Associates

At Barbara Goldberg & Associates, we customize each evaluation to your precise specifications.  Before beginning any evaluation project, we work with you to educate ourselves about your:

  • organization and its mission;
  • services provided;
  • individuals and communities being served; and
  • broader community and service environment.

We listen to the needs and interests of all stakeholders. Only when we are satisfied that we have a solid knowledge base do we begin to refine an evaluation plan to assure that critical organizational agendas and individual program needs are addressed through the program evaluation. 

Once the initial evaluation is finalized, we take the time to explain the plan and the evaluation process to leadership and staff. We address all concerns upfront with objectivity, flexibility, respect, and humor. While always mindful of adhering to implementation timetables, we firmly believe that both leadership and staff commitment to the evaluation process is critical to its ultimate success.

"Barbara and her team carry out incredible work for those they elect to partner with. Their level of skill in the area of evaluation and assessment paired with their dedication and passion for their work sets them apart. Barbara Goldberg & Associates is able to not only fully analyze and report on various levels of complex data, but they also make it a part of their work to seek out and implement systems improvements that encourage future growth. And on top of all of this, they are AMAZING women!"
Christy Miller, formerly with College Readiness 21 and Wisconsin Foundation for Independent Colleges